The dreaded lake..

Emma and I decided to meet up at a local park that has a lake. I had walked this lake many times in the past. I don’t have any gifts that I’m aware of and to me it has always been a picturesque place to exercise. There are benches and swings and even a pavilion there. In the summer, the grass is always beautiful and many people bring their dogs and kids and throw the frisbee or have a picnic. Little did I know, the lake has a secret..

As we met up in the park, we decided to walk the loop around the park and attempt to enjoy the surroundings. However, as we walked near the lake, I noticed Emma wanted nothing to do with a specific part. This part is a place that you can walk down the steps and into the water and swim. Emma kept walking far away from this as we walked on this part of the loop. I looked at Emma and asked her what was wrong. She said that there is something very angry in the lake and she could feel it’s presence. I sorta just wrote it off at the time and thought it was strange, but just kept exercising. We managed to walk a couple of loops before we were tired, each time, she would go nowhere near the steps. Once we were done, I kissed Emma goodbye, got in my truck and headed home. As soon as I got home, I couldn’t wait to do some research and see if anything happened in this lake. I was sure that I would find nothing. I couldn’t have been more wrong. A middle aged man and his girlfriend were swimming in this lake a couple of years ago. The man started throwing his arms around and his girlfriend thought he was joking around, because that’s just how he was. He wasn’t joking and soon he went underwater and didn’t resurface. His girlfriend called 911 and EMS was dispatched for a possible drowning. Despite their best efforts, this man drowned and lost his life. I really was speechless.