I’ve managed to capture a couple of orbs on camera and wanted to share them. We already know there’s anywhere from 1 to 5 spirits up in our bonus room area, so it’s not surprising that I managed to capture them moving around. The cat is very sensitive to energy. The medium told us that cats have a psychic ability.. something I did not know. You can see the cat looking up at the spirts. Several of the videos have an orb in it, if you look closely. It looks similar to a small ball of light that moves around.

The first video is the longest. You can literally watch kitty’s eyes and head follow the spirit as it moves above. Before the kitty comes in, you’ll see a couple of orbs moving up and across. I’ve since closed the door because I wanted to limit the interactions of the spirits with the kitty.

This next video doesn’t contain any orbs, it just shows the kitty aware of the spirit’s presence and following it, before running away.

This next video just shows kitty walking into the room and right after kitty moves past the camera, you’ll see an orb following him. The orb starts around the 11 second mark.

This last video shows an orb around the 6 second mark, as kitty leaves the room.