More Orbs


Sorry that it’s been a while since I last posted, been really busy the last couple of months. I’ve been busy with other projects and even sick for 2 weeks.

We used to put the kitty in one of the offices at night, because he would wake us up at 6am. I put a camera in there just in case he was having issues, it would hopefully record. What I didn’t expect, was to see so many orbs one Sunday evening. They’ve always stayed upstairs in the bonus room area, so this was just incredibly odd.

The first video shows an orb with a light trail come from the wall and follow the kitty, around the 32 second mark.

The next video is just beyond wild. There are 2 orbs flying side by side in the beginning of the video. Then, throughout the video, you can see multiple orbs moving around the room. These are not bugs, I’ve slowed down the video in a video editor and they are completely translucent. Also, the orb at 56 seconds is very strong.

We made a decision after this video, to let the kitty roam again throughout the house. We do not want him locked up with random orbs in a room. It’s never been an issue before this night. Thank you for watching!