Mardi Gras 2023

Unfortunately, this blog might be out of order, as I jump around in the timeline to post newer things and then as there isn’t much activity, I will tell older stories. I must jump to the current though, because I had a crazy thing happen to me on vacation.

Emma and I went to Louisiana for Mardi Gras 2023. We went downtown to see parades on Saturday, but wore ourselves completely out. We decided against going back downtown on Sunday. We went to Lake Pontchartrain’s North Shore instead. It’s really quite beautiful with the water and the park. We had a chance to interact with a spirit that was positive. The spirit was right beside us in the car, but we couldn’t see him. Emma said his name was Jim or Sam, but other than that we don’t know much.. I used an app to translate his words..I really should’ve paid more attention to the part that says ‘She Will Touch You’.. but I didn’t think much of it..

We decided to hop out of the car and walk down to an area with a swing and some beautiful trees and just enjoy the scenery. Like an idiot, I ran the app again when we were down there sitting on the swing and started to get some very negative information.

Looking back, I really wished I had cut it off after the positive interaction we had, but I’m just stubborn like that sometimes. If you look above in the image, you’ll see the word ‘witch’ a couple of times. I just don’t like dark entities or anything having to do with evil, I usually just turn it off and try to forget about it. I said, no, I’m not moving locations, I like this area. It had said ‘scratch’ and I said, no I don’t want to be scratched. It also said the S word as well.. you know the one that describes the most evil entity known to us? For some reason, I didn’t see it captured here, but when I saw that word come across, I turned off the app. We went on to enjoy our day and really I just forgot about it.

The next morning, I took a shower, because we were leaving to head home and that’s when I noticed that I had indeed been scratched. Lesson learned. Thankfully it was gone within a day, but it’s just a harrowing reminder that this stuff is VERY real. Evil does exist! But, it’s Louisiana and New Orleans and as you know, there are witches, voodoo and all sorts of dark stuff going on. I don’t think it liked the fact that I was talking back and not being passive.. oh well.