Emma’s Former Residence

When I met Emma, she was living in a former cotton mill that had been converted into residential lofts. I looked online and it said the building was built in 1888. The town that it is in has a ton of history from the Civil War. There were several battles in the county and it is documented to have had 7 hospitals for soldiers, as well. We had at least 2 to 3 different encounters here, that were enough to shake me up a bit!


The first encounter was relatively small. We were sitting on Emma’s couch watching TV and talking. The windows were closed and the air wasn’t on. There was no reason for any draft of air or anything. It was relatively warm outside and I had on shorts. As we were talking I felt a draft of air go by my ankles and I just paused. I then looked over at Emma and I said, uhhh did you feel that? Emma nodded and said she did. I then looked for her cat, who was clearly across the other side of the room. I have no explanation, other than to say that something was passing between the residences.

Unfortunately, the next encounter was rather terrifying. We were coming back from shopping and had just parked in front of the mill. I made a terrible decision and decided to look at the vents under the mill and said out loud, “what do you think is under there?”. Emma laughed and said, “hopefully nothing!”. It was at this time Emma stopped and loudly said, ” STOP FOLLOWING US, LEAVE US ALONE!!”. I quickly asked her what she was talking about, but she didn’t want to discuss it, she said, “let’s just keep moving”. We then walked into the residence, as it was late and we were both tired. We settled into bed and I figured I’d just ask tomorrow and see what that was all about.

Around 10 mins of laying in the bed, trying to go to sleep, above my head, I heard 3 distinctive taps. My stomach sank and I got the chills. It was 2 taps and then a 3rd. I immediately asked Emma if she heard anything. She said she did, as she was half awake and told me it was probably the apartment next to hers. I said it definitely was not, I literally felt the vibrations of that taps on her headboard. I asked her to focus her intuition to see if there was anything in the room. She began to awake fully and focused and without saying anything to me she said loudly, “GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!!”. Then, as if she was having a direct conversation with the entity, she said, “NO!!!”. And then she said “GET OUT OR I’LL BURN YOU OUT OF HERE!!”. She then said to me a minute later, that it was gone. I managed to fall asleep fairly quickly after that, thankfully. She said it followed us in from outside, from underneath the mill.

The next day, I asked her about the incident on the sidewalk. I asked her who or what was following us, because, I clearly couldn’t see or feel anything. She said that there were 2 entities, one was a prankster/trickster type and the other was the infamous ‘hat man’. If you don’t know who or what the ‘hat man’ is, I suggest you go and read about the references, it will terrify you! I took a picture of the vent, but it came out blurry, as I really didn’t want to revisit any of this again!