More Orbs


Sorry that it’s been a while since I last posted, been really busy the last couple of months. I’ve been busy with other projects and even sick for 2 weeks.

We used to put the kitty in one of the offices at night, because he would wake us up at 6am. I put a camera in there just in case he was having issues, it would hopefully record. What I didn’t expect, was to see so many orbs one Sunday evening. They’ve always stayed upstairs in the bonus room area, so this was just incredibly odd.

The first video shows an orb with a light trail come from the wall and follow the kitty, around the 32 second mark.

The next video is just beyond wild. There are 2 orbs flying side by side in the beginning of the video. Then, throughout the video, you can see multiple orbs moving around the room. These are not bugs, I’ve slowed down the video in a video editor and they are completely translucent. Also, the orb at 56 seconds is very strong.

We made a decision after this video, to let the kitty roam again throughout the house. We do not want him locked up with random orbs in a room. It’s never been an issue before this night. Thank you for watching!



I’ve managed to capture a couple of orbs on camera and wanted to share them. We already know there’s anywhere from 1 to 5 spirits up in our bonus room area, so it’s not surprising that I managed to capture them moving around. The cat is very sensitive to energy. The medium told us that cats have a psychic ability.. something I did not know. You can see the cat looking up at the spirts. Several of the videos have an orb in it, if you look closely. It looks similar to a small ball of light that moves around.

The first video is the longest. You can literally watch kitty’s eyes and head follow the spirit as it moves above. Before the kitty comes in, you’ll see a couple of orbs moving up and across. I’ve since closed the door because I wanted to limit the interactions of the spirits with the kitty.

This next video doesn’t contain any orbs, it just shows the kitty aware of the spirit’s presence and following it, before running away.

This next video just shows kitty walking into the room and right after kitty moves past the camera, you’ll see an orb following him. The orb starts around the 11 second mark.

This last video shows an orb around the 6 second mark, as kitty leaves the room.

Our Home

I wanted to talk about our a nice area, a very nice neighborhood. We are fortunate to live in such a nice community, where it’s rather quiet, safe and so forth. We both work from home, so having a place to work that is calm and quiet, is a blessing!

Before we moved in, Emma had to come and look the place over, since my work schedule didn’t allow me to come as much as I wanted to. I really wanted to be in the neighborhood because of it’s reputation for being such a good place to live. I had lived in a rental house nearby in the same neighborhood previously and I had known it would be a great place to live. I was fairly adamant on living here, even though it’s not cheap, I knew it would be worth it.

Emma told me after we moved in, that she felt a presence in the home, but hesitated to tell me because I was so adamant about getting the home. So, in all fairness, whatever lives in the bonus room, was here before we moved in. Nonetheless, I don’t hear or see anything, so I really haven’t thought much about it. Emma, however, has gotten some negative vibes from the female up there and we really haven’t talked about it much. We started to discuss it one day during work and Emma experienced a tightness in her chest, so we had to stop having discussions while at home about it. We were out to dinner one evening and I brought it up and said, look, we need to confront whatever is up there. We spoke to the medium about it as well. The medium stated that we need to either let it know that it has to stop tormenting Emma or that it needs to go.

The night after we visited the medium, was rather awkward. It was about 2 or 3am and I was awoken, as I figured, I needed to go to the bathroom and that’s why I was probably woken up. It was about 2 mins later that the cat started making loud and obnoxious noises. It’s very out of character for the cat to be so vocal and almost yelling at 3am. Nonetheless, the cat stopped within about 5 mins. I visited the restroom and then I went back to sleep. The next morning I was discussing the events with Emma. Emma said that at the time the cat was yelling, there was a shadowy figure standing at the edge of the bed looking at us. I was horrified!! I didn’t see anything, I guess because I couldn’t feel it and I didn’t see it, but apparently Emma AND the cat both picked up on it. The cat was alerting us that something was wrong! I told Emma it was time to go upstairs and have a conversation with this female.

The next day we went upstairs and brought out the spirit talker. I have a log of the conversation that I will insert below. I simply asked over and over if this female spirit, who we will call ‘Patricia’, to please stop tormenting Emma. We know she’s here and while we aren’t asking her to leave, we would like her to stop emitting negative energy.

I asked, look, if you’re not going to say much, please just ACKNOWLEDGE that you can hear me. Eventually, the spirit app said, ‘Acknowledge’. It then even followed up with an apology, saying ‘I’m Sorry’. Crazy, right? I thought so too. Every time I’ve run this app, it has said candles. Emma said, she thinks that Patricia wants candles, and so I told her, no problem, we’ll get some candles. She said Patricia likes to sit by the window and smoke cigarettes. We setup a table there a couple of weeks ago, not for Patricia, but just because it’s a nice spot to sit and work from occasionally.

Been a couple of weeks..


It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had a clear head to write an update. Nonetheless, there’s been plenty to talk about.. so here we go..

I really wanted Emma to talk to a true professional, a psychic medium, that’s legit. I did some research on the internet and found a medium that is in close proximity to where we live. We were both a little nervous, but we went for it. This medium isn’t in a shack on the side of the road somewhere, but instead in a professional office building in a nearby city. Her story was amazing about how she was a professional working in a school, but was called by a higher power to do medium work. Nonetheless, she spoke a lot. Somehow she managed to answer all of the questions we had. I had Emma create a list of questions.. but oddly, she answered them all without us having to ask.. crazy I know. I took Emma because of the constant nightmares she endures, because of her ‘gift’. The answer to how to fix them is rather complex and I don’t have enough time to explain it today. We got to talk to her for an hour and a half and she was amazing. I really would like Emma to go back again, but it’s not cheap. It was well worth the money though!

We took a vacation last weekend to Biloxi to get away and do some gambling. We had a great time, gambling, eating seafood and seeing the water and beaches. I didn’t try to have a conversation with anything, because I didn’t want to mess with the paranormal this time, just relax and have a great getaway. However, on our second night at this hotel in one of the casinos, I had an odd thing happen. It was probably around 3 or 4 am, I am not sure, because I didn’t look at the time. I was dead asleep and was awoken to something that grabbed my left big toe. I immediately awoke and looked at my foot and figured Emma touched it, but no, her feet were on the opposite side of the bed and she was asleep. Creepy, to say the least! I figured it was a spirit that was goofing off and I fell right back asleep. The next day, I asked Emma if she felt anything around us and she said she did. She said there was something that roamed between 4 rooms and sometimes went into the casino. I made it clear, the next night, that nothing was allowed to touch us while we slept. Nothing more happened.. just so weird!

Emma’s Former Residence

When I met Emma, she was living in a former cotton mill that had been converted into residential lofts. I looked online and it said the building was built in 1888. The town that it is in has a ton of history from the Civil War. There were several battles in the county and it is documented to have had 7 hospitals for soldiers, as well. We had at least 2 to 3 different encounters here, that were enough to shake me up a bit!


The first encounter was relatively small. We were sitting on Emma’s couch watching TV and talking. The windows were closed and the air wasn’t on. There was no reason for any draft of air or anything. It was relatively warm outside and I had on shorts. As we were talking I felt a draft of air go by my ankles and I just paused. I then looked over at Emma and I said, uhhh did you feel that? Emma nodded and said she did. I then looked for her cat, who was clearly across the other side of the room. I have no explanation, other than to say that something was passing between the residences.

Unfortunately, the next encounter was rather terrifying. We were coming back from shopping and had just parked in front of the mill. I made a terrible decision and decided to look at the vents under the mill and said out loud, “what do you think is under there?”. Emma laughed and said, “hopefully nothing!”. It was at this time Emma stopped and loudly said, ” STOP FOLLOWING US, LEAVE US ALONE!!”. I quickly asked her what she was talking about, but she didn’t want to discuss it, she said, “let’s just keep moving”. We then walked into the residence, as it was late and we were both tired. We settled into bed and I figured I’d just ask tomorrow and see what that was all about.

Around 10 mins of laying in the bed, trying to go to sleep, above my head, I heard 3 distinctive taps. My stomach sank and I got the chills. It was 2 taps and then a 3rd. I immediately asked Emma if she heard anything. She said she did, as she was half awake and told me it was probably the apartment next to hers. I said it definitely was not, I literally felt the vibrations of that taps on her headboard. I asked her to focus her intuition to see if there was anything in the room. She began to awake fully and focused and without saying anything to me she said loudly, “GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!!”. Then, as if she was having a direct conversation with the entity, she said, “NO!!!”. And then she said “GET OUT OR I’LL BURN YOU OUT OF HERE!!”. She then said to me a minute later, that it was gone. I managed to fall asleep fairly quickly after that, thankfully. She said it followed us in from outside, from underneath the mill.

The next day, I asked her about the incident on the sidewalk. I asked her who or what was following us, because, I clearly couldn’t see or feel anything. She said that there were 2 entities, one was a prankster/trickster type and the other was the infamous ‘hat man’. If you don’t know who or what the ‘hat man’ is, I suggest you go and read about the references, it will terrify you! I took a picture of the vent, but it came out blurry, as I really didn’t want to revisit any of this again!

Mardi Gras 2023

Unfortunately, this blog might be out of order, as I jump around in the timeline to post newer things and then as there isn’t much activity, I will tell older stories. I must jump to the current though, because I had a crazy thing happen to me on vacation.

Emma and I went to Louisiana for Mardi Gras 2023. We went downtown to see parades on Saturday, but wore ourselves completely out. We decided against going back downtown on Sunday. We went to Lake Pontchartrain’s North Shore instead. It’s really quite beautiful with the water and the park. We had a chance to interact with a spirit that was positive. The spirit was right beside us in the car, but we couldn’t see him. Emma said his name was Jim or Sam, but other than that we don’t know much.. I used an app to translate his words..I really should’ve paid more attention to the part that says ‘She Will Touch You’.. but I didn’t think much of it..

We decided to hop out of the car and walk down to an area with a swing and some beautiful trees and just enjoy the scenery. Like an idiot, I ran the app again when we were down there sitting on the swing and started to get some very negative information.

Looking back, I really wished I had cut it off after the positive interaction we had, but I’m just stubborn like that sometimes. If you look above in the image, you’ll see the word ‘witch’ a couple of times. I just don’t like dark entities or anything having to do with evil, I usually just turn it off and try to forget about it. I said, no, I’m not moving locations, I like this area. It had said ‘scratch’ and I said, no I don’t want to be scratched. It also said the S word as well.. you know the one that describes the most evil entity known to us? For some reason, I didn’t see it captured here, but when I saw that word come across, I turned off the app. We went on to enjoy our day and really I just forgot about it.

The next morning, I took a shower, because we were leaving to head home and that’s when I noticed that I had indeed been scratched. Lesson learned. Thankfully it was gone within a day, but it’s just a harrowing reminder that this stuff is VERY real. Evil does exist! But, it’s Louisiana and New Orleans and as you know, there are witches, voodoo and all sorts of dark stuff going on. I don’t think it liked the fact that I was talking back and not being passive.. oh well.

The dreaded lake..

Emma and I decided to meet up at a local park that has a lake. I had walked this lake many times in the past. I don’t have any gifts that I’m aware of and to me it has always been a picturesque place to exercise. There are benches and swings and even a pavilion there. In the summer, the grass is always beautiful and many people bring their dogs and kids and throw the frisbee or have a picnic. Little did I know, the lake has a secret..

As we met up in the park, we decided to walk the loop around the park and attempt to enjoy the surroundings. However, as we walked near the lake, I noticed Emma wanted nothing to do with a specific part. This part is a place that you can walk down the steps and into the water and swim. Emma kept walking far away from this as we walked on this part of the loop. I looked at Emma and asked her what was wrong. She said that there is something very angry in the lake and she could feel it’s presence. I sorta just wrote it off at the time and thought it was strange, but just kept exercising. We managed to walk a couple of loops before we were tired, each time, she would go nowhere near the steps. Once we were done, I kissed Emma goodbye, got in my truck and headed home. As soon as I got home, I couldn’t wait to do some research and see if anything happened in this lake. I was sure that I would find nothing. I couldn’t have been more wrong. A middle aged man and his girlfriend were swimming in this lake a couple of years ago. The man started throwing his arms around and his girlfriend thought he was joking around, because that’s just how he was. He wasn’t joking and soon he went underwater and didn’t resurface. His girlfriend called 911 and EMS was dispatched for a possible drowning. Despite their best efforts, this man drowned and lost his life. I really was speechless.

It all started online..

Around a year ago, while actively goofing off in a singles group, I met a young lady. We’ll call her ‘Emma’ from here on out. Emma and I sent some flirtatious texts and ending up going on a date. It was a fun date around the southside of Atlanta. We seem to really hit it off. Fast forward a bit and we eventually started dating. Emma is a young lady from the north side of the United States. She’s very intelligent and somewhat introverted, but that didn’t stop me, I was in love with Emma. I found her world to be quite different from mine. We had similar upbringings but we grew up 1000 miles away from one another. Let’s face it, the rust belt and Atlanta, Georgia are night and day. None of that really mattered, we could definitely relate.

One evening however, changed things forever. I was telling Emma how I searched Youtube for the movie ‘Poltergeist’. I don’t know what jarred my memory for that movie title, but I got curious to go watch the trailer. This movie really haunted me as a kid, so I wanted to see if it had the same effect on me these days as an adult. Little did I know, that all of the results that followed, were paranormal investigations. I instantly became obsessed, watching one right after the other. I was completely skeptical at first, thinking, this stuff isn’t real, but it’s entertaining nonetheless. I just had to tell Emma about my recent findings and obsession. She quickly told me that one of the channels I was watching, just wasn’t a good idea. I agreed to some degree and said they are a little obnoxious every time they have an ‘interaction’ of sorts with a spirit. She said that it just didn’t seem like a good idea. I agreed and started watching other channels instead. I really didn’t think much of it.

One evening, while discussing the paranormal videos, Emma decided to reveal something to me. She told me she has the ability to feel spirits. At first, I was sorta taken back. I didn’t really understand what that meant. She said, she can’t hear or see them, but she can feel them. She can basically translate vibrations of people that have passed on. This is what is known as clairsentience. I really wasn’t sure how to react other than to think it was amazing. She then went on to tell me how it’s not really as amazing as it sounds. With this ‘gift’ comes weekly nightmares as well as many other negative traits. She also has nightmares of various people who are going to pass away and then it becomes a reality. She told me that many times she will feel negative spirits, but sometimes, there are positive ones. It’s just that the negative ones really come through a lot…

Welcome to My Blog


Welcome to OddStuff! This will be a blog of my paranormal run ins over the last year or so. I’m still learning this blogging stuff, so it may be a bit mismatched or out of sequential order, as my memory isn’t the best. Old age has a way of doing that to you. Nonetheless, I’m not selling anything, this is just so I can document my happenings and sometimes share it with the world. All names have been changed in order to protect those that don’t want to be recognized or are no longer with us. It doesn’t matter if you believe in the paranormal, don’t worry, I didn’t really either.. until the following events changed my perceptions.. forever! Grab some coffee and enjoy some great stories..